About NWA3D


About NWA3D 

NWA3D is an educational 3D printing company founded in June 2015 by 3 friends with a dream. Since then, we've sold hundreds of 3D printers to classrooms across the country based on one simple mission: 

Every printer we sell comes with unlimited training sessions and lifetime support.

All our training sessions are preformed by a certified teacher and we assemble and test every NWA3D A5 ourselves to ensure their quality. That's why we offer a One-Year No Questions Asked Warranty for educational organizations. If our NWA3D A5 breaks or you can't get it working with our help, for any reason, we'll replace it for no cost to you. No Hidden fees. No hidden ways to void your warranty. We don't want any of our printers to ever end up as giant paperweights.

Our certified teachers will also work with you to help you come up with ideas and custom lesson plans, so your 3D printers are tailored to your specific standards and integrated into your curriculum as seamlessly as possible.

We want to get this emerging technology into as many hands as possible by making it easy for you to 3D print in your classroom. We offer reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly products that we build or vet ourselves.

We want to support you, your class, and your organization with everything possible to successfully 3D print!


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3422 North College, Suite 5, Fayetteville, AR 72703