Advanced Materials Upgrade Kit

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The NWA3D Advanced Materials Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need to start printing and designing advanced projects.

Includes intro to Fusion 360 Course + MicroSwiss Nozzle + Flex Upgrade + MODIFI3D + Carbon Fiber PETG, Flexible TPU, and High Heat PLA - with 10% off everything!





MODIFI3D is a heated tool with interchangeable tips designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed items! The pen like form of MODIFI3D makes it very comfortable to use and extremely easy to control when precision is important. MODIFI3D works with PLA, ABS and many other plastic materials.


MicroSwiss Steel Plated 0.6 mm Wear Resistant Nozzle for NWA3D A5 or A31 printer

Twin-Clad Plated Nozzle for printing with composite and abrasive materials.

Upgrade for using flexible filament on the NWA3D A5 or A31 printer


Partially 3D-printed bracket for using flexible filament on the NWA3D A5 or A31. Comes with new 40 tooth gear for greater grip on flexible materials.

Included Filament


Push Plastic Black Carbon Fiber PETG (x 1)


Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Comonomer (PETG) is a thermoplastic commonly used for injection modeled food and liquid containers. The finished prints are very clear, able to withstand heat, and impact resistant.


Push Plastic Red Flexible TPU (x 1)


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a thermoplastic made from flexible elastomers. The finished prints are flexible and impact resistant.


Push Plastic Blue High Heat PLA Filament (x 1)


Polylactic acid (PLA) is a thermoplastic made from organic sugars. PLA is the most commonly used 3D printing media and best for a classroom environment.

Printed parts made from High Heat PLA can be heat treated, which can obtain properties that exceed ABS. To achieve a heat treat on a printed part, submerge in water (or bake in oven) at 200F for up to 30 minutes.


One Year HoneyPoint3D Fusion 360 Online Course


Autodesk Fusion 360 is a “solid modeling” tool, and offers tremendous capabilities to those who know how to use it. This is an online, self-paced course by HoneyPoint3D that has over 15 hours of instruction, including a thorough reference section that gives short videos on every feature inside of Fusion 360. Get stuck on how to use the Revolve tool?...look it up in the reference sections and get back on your way! Want to learn strategies for how to approach design in Fusion 360 in the first place, we’ve got that too!

The product comes as an activation link that will be sent to you via email to give you full access to the course material for one year.


Class Curriculum


Introduction to Fusion 360 (5 sections)

How to navigate the course (1 section)

Fusion 360 Framework - How it works (4 sections)

Understanding the Fusion 360 environment (11 sections)

Targeted Video Collection (7 sections)

Planning your Design (10 sections)

Sculpting something easy: Water Decanter (6 sections)

Introduction to Surface Modeling (8 sections)

Introduction to Sketching - Raspberry Pi Case (18 sections)

Fusion 360 and Meshes, an Expanding World (9 sections)

Model - Create (19 sections)

Reference: Model - Modify (19 sections)

Model - Sketch (25 sections)

Model - Construct (18 sections)

Model - Inspect (8 sections)

Model - Insert (6 sections)

Model - Make (2 sections)

Model - Add-Ins (3 sections)

Model - Select (2 sections)

Patch - Create (3 sections)

Patch - Modify (4 sections)

Model - Assemble (6 sections)

Simulation (1 section)

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