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Six NWA3D A5 3D Printers at 10% off + 20 colors of filament and two Rolling Storage Cases at 25% off + one year access to PrintLab Classroom lesson plans at 50% off + one MODIFI3D tool, two 3D printer pens, and our 3D Printing Tool Kit FREE!


Includes one hour live video training and one year warranty for educational institutions!


"I placed 6 NWA3D printers in my classroom over a year ago, and they have now become a staple in my classes.  The printers are incredibly easy to setup, built strong, and look great with their LCD display and laser-cut acrylic platforms.  The Cura software that NWA3D provides is incredibly powerful, and their setup guide allowed me to get multiple computers ready for students to design on quickly and easily.  The support that NWA3D has offered me has been incredible.  Whether answering by email, phone, or even video chat, the crew at NWA3D is readily available to answer whatever question my students have, or to help trouble shoot a problem on the rare occasion that they arise.  
These printers, the A5 and A31, have proven themselves as workhorses in my classroom.  Within two days of their arrival, my printers were churning out 3D prints 8 hours a day for two weeks with no problems at all.  Combined with the filament that NWA3D provided in my bundle, my students were building and making projects immediately.  Every class, even those that I did not intend to use the printers in, have come to use them in new and exciting ways.  Students get excited about designing projects that they know will be made into reality, instead of just relying on simulations.
From my classroom experience, there is nothing that these printers cannot handle for student learning!"

-Jon Bukont
-Pre-Engineering and PLTW Instructor, Woodland Jr. High School


The six-printer bundle provides the maximum savings and can help a school, department, or organization dive into 3D printing. It can be divided over multiple classes using twenty different colors of filament. Includes six NWA3D A5 printers with LokBuild print surfaces, two rolling storage cases, 20 1kg filament colors, a MODIFI3D finishing tool, two 3D printer pens, our 3D Printing Tool Kit (pliers, scraper, tweezers, digital caliper, nozzle cleaner, and an SD card with adapter), and one year access to PrintLab Classroom 3D printing lesson plans.

Comes with unlimited digital training sessions with a certified teacher, training and troubleshooting documents, lesson plan support, and a One Year, No Questions Asked Parts and Service Warranty for educational organizations.


Delivery will be scheduled to coincide with your videoconference training at your school.


About the NWA3D A5:

The NWA3D A5 features a rugged, minimalistic design at a great price-to-performance ratio. This 3D printer is compact, portable, reliable, and easy to use. It features a V-Track printing system that guarantees reliable smooth prints with little calibration. The single extruder is shielded to prevent accidentally touching the hot tip and it uses a short Bowden style Mk10 extruder drive. The print bed features a detachable plate to help remove large or delicate prints from the print surface without damaging the print.

You can print on the NWA3D A5 using a mini USB cable or a Micro SD card. It’s compatible with any RepRap slicing program that can export standard Gcode. The maximum build volume of the printer is 125 x 150 x 100 mm (5 x 6 x 4"), with a Z resolution as precise as 100 microns.

We build our NWA3D A5s to the highest standards. That’s why we include free training and our No Questions Asked parts and service warranty. It includes a detailed user manual by NWA3D that covers operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


NWA3D A5 specifications:



• Technology: Material extrusion/FDM/FFF (fused deposition modeling/fused filament fabrication)
• Build Volume (LWH): 150 x 125 x 100 mm (5.9 x 4.9 x 3.9”)
• Nozzle Size: 400 microns (0.4 mm/0.015”) 
• Layer Resolution: 100-300 microns
• Heated Bed: No
• Build Surface: Flexible Fiberglass Sheet
• Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm (0.069”)
• Filament Compatibility: PLA, TPU, Wood Fill PLA, PLA Composites 


Mechanical and Electrical 

• Power: 12V, 8A (as much as a standard laptop)
• Print System: V-Track
• Extruder: Single Mk-10 Bowden Style
• Maximum Temperature: 240°C (464°F)
• Firmware:Mendel Custom NWA3D Build
• Interface: Screen and Scroll Knob
• Connectivity: USB Cable, Mini SD Card
• Weight: 2.945kg (6.5lbs)
• Overall Size (LWH): 320 x 290 x 325 mm (12.6 x 11.4 x 12.8”)
• Construction: Aluminum, Acrylic, Injection Molded Plastic



• Slicing: Cura, Repetier Host
• File Type: STL, OBJ
• Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 7+, Linux, Mac OS X


Included with Purchase

• Power Cord
• USB Cord
• Micro SD Card with USB Reader
• Custom Build Plate with LokBuild Print Surface
• Cura Slicing Software
• Test Print Files
• User manual by NWA3D
• Unlimited digital training sessions with a certified teacher
• Lesson plan support
• One Year, No Questions Asked parts and service warranty for educational organizations
• Lifetime Support by NWA3D


About PrintLab Classroom (Single User One Year Access)


PrintLab Classroom is a creative, lesson plan portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D printing into core topics such as science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, computing, geography, history, languages and more. Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give you 12 months access to a whole range of creative projects and 2 new lessons will be added to the portal each month.


Each lesson comes with everything a teacher needs to prepare and deliver the lesson such as:


- Lesson information including subject areas, learning criteria and equipment list

- Downloadable presentations

- Downloadable student workbooks

- Step-by-step lesson preparation information

- Step-by-step lesson delivery information

- Teacher training/lesson practice video tutorials


Featured lessons include:


- Make a 3D Contour Model

- Make an Ergonomic Pen

- Make your School Name in Braille

- Make a 3D Population Graph

- An Introduction to 3D Printing

- An Introduction to 3D Modelling

- Make Classroom Objects

- Design a Personalised Chopsticks Holder

- Design your own Watchtower

- 3D Printing Chemical Structures

- Design your own Whistle

- Balloon Powered Dragster 

+ 2 new lessons per month!


*This product is for single teacher use only. For school-wide access and multiple teacher logins, please contact us for discounted rates*



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