Get a model 3D printed by NWA3D

Get a model printed by NWA3D


NWA3D offers 3D printing services for a nominal fee. If you have a 3D file and would like to get it printed, contact us for pricing!

Our default filament material is PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic made from corn. It will break down if left outside in extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations, such as those found in a landfill. It is not food safe.
Time to print varies depending on quality desired. We normally print everything at 0.2mm layer height. This medium quality that works great for most applications of material extrusion 3D printing.
Let us know if you would like a higher quality (such as for a wargaming miniature) or a low quality (perfect for the first iteration of a prototype). If your model is small and will take under an hour to print at any quality, then 0.1mm, or the highest quality, will be our default.
The model calibration is for us to prepare the model for printing. If your model requires supports, they are generally easy to remove and we will leave that task to you. If you want us to remove them, then we can discuss a variable cost depending on the intricacy of your model.
We have over 60 to choose from on our website, or you can choose one in person at our shop.
If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us at 479-439-0300.