PrintLab Classroom: Bottle Opener

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Product description

Make an Assistive Bottle Opener


Students will manufacture an assistive device to help users with arthritis


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In this two-part lesson, students will design and manufacture an assistive bottle opener to help users with arthritis or a weak grip to open screw cap bottles. The lesson first teaches the concepts of simple machines and lever principles, and then students design their models in Tinkercad software. The models are 3D printed, tested, analyzed, and can be improved in an iterative process. Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give you complete access to the teacher training material and lesson documents. This includes content to help you prepare and deliver the lessons along with design tutorials so you become familiar with the process prior to teaching it in the classroom.


Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of physics, technology, art, design, or math. The material can be adapted for ages 7-16.


Learning Criteria

In this project students will:

- Develop an understanding of levers and simple machines

- Explore how simple machines exert a bigger force at the expense of smaller movement

- Communicate design ideas for an assistive bottle opener using 3D-, mathematical-, and computer-based tools

- Use 3D printing to manufacture a functional assistive tool

- Test, evaluate, and suggest refinements to their manufactured product


Equipment List

Each student will require:

1 x laptop/computer with mouse and internet access

1 x pen/pencil


The teacher will require:

1 x 3D printer and PLA filament

1 x laptop/computer with mouse, internet access, and slicing software for the 3D printer

5 x screw cap bottles

1 x digital caliper or small ruler

1 x thick meter ruler or plank of wood

1 x heavy book

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