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About Us 

NWA3D is an educational 3D printing company founded in June 2015 by three friends with a dream. Since then, we've sold hundreds of 3D printers to classrooms across the country based on one simple mission: 

To make 3D printing easy for students and teachers, every printer we sell to educational organizations comes with unlimited training sessions and lifetime support.

All our training sessions are preformed by a certified teacher and we assemble and test every NWA3D A5 ourselves to ensure their quality. That's why we offer a One Year No Questions Asked Warranty for educational organizations. If our NWA3D A5 or NWA3D A31 breaks or you can't get it working with our help, for any reason, we'll help you repair it or replace it for just the cost of shipping. No Hidden fees. No hidden ways to void your warranty. We don't want any of our printers to ever end up as giant paperweights.

Our certified teachers will also work with you to help you come up with ideas and custom lesson plans, so your 3D printers are tailored to your specific standards and integrated into your curriculum as seamlessly as possible.

We want to get this emerging technology into as many hands as possible by making it easy for you to 3D print in your classroom. We offer reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly products that we build or vet ourselves.

We want to support you, your class, and your organization with everything possible to successfully 3D print!


About Our Mission

Our mission is to make 3D printing easy for everyone—especially educators and students. We focus on nationwide educational service and support of 3D printing. We accomplish our mission in three unique, valuable ways:

  • We sell reliable, affordable 3D printers that are easy to use, rugged, and have a proven track record of standing up to the rigors of the classroom environment.

  • We provide unlimited videoconference training by certified teachers to give teachers and their students everything they need to get started and operate, maintain, and troubleshoot our 3D printers. We also offer collaborative curriculum development with all our printers.

  • We provide lifetime support, including a No Questions Asked One Year Warranty that covers everything mechanical or user related on our NWA3D A5 and NWA3D A31 3D printers; if your printer falls off the table or a student clips a wire, that’s covered.

  • Learn more in our interview with our 3D printing curriculum partner PrintLab!


About Our Products

We've extensively vetted every printer we sell. We chose the A5 and A31 designs as our standard bearers after evaluating and researching dozens of material extrusion printers over the past three years. We’ve made extensive modifications to their open source designs and firmware, so that they will consistently print well and are easy to use. We build the NWA3D A5s ourselves with the highest level of quality control, giving schools a solid machine that works right out of the box. The NWA3D A31 is easy to assemble and is based on the same ruggedly simple functionality that makes the NWA3D A5 such a hit in the classroom.

  • Our NWA3D A5 3D printer uses all PLA, flexible TPU, and PLA composite filaments and is built to last in a classroom environment.

  • Our NWA3D A31 3D printer uses the same materials, has a heated build plate, and has a larger build area, perfect for robotics or drones.

  • Our favorite dual extrusion 3D printer is the MakerGear M3-ID. It's rugged and innovative design for dual extrusion, along with the ability to print in dozens of different filaments make it perfect workhorse for advanced prototyping in the classroom.

  • Our favorite large format printer is the Raise3D Series. It's huge build area and advanced design make it a fantastic addition for classrooms experienced with 3D printing.

  • Our main filament suppliers are Push Plastic in Springdale, Arkansas and Toner Plastics, headquartered in Massachusetts. Push’s excellent filament is sold wholesale and often rebranded. Our special relationship with Push allows us to retail its filament to schools and educators at the lowest possible price. Toner is a respected plastic compounder, injection molder, and extruded product producer that also makes excellent 3D printing filament for the wholesale and retail markets.


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