Our Mission, Purpose, and Values

Our Mission

We make 3D printing easy for everyone, especially educators and students.

Our Purpose 

We fulfill a need in education by developing and delivering comprehensive resources and the best practices that demystify the would-be complex process of 3D printing, which helps train a new generation in digital manufacturing, provides peace of mind to educators, saves time for teachers and students, and saves money for schools.

Our Core Values

“Do cool things, meet cool people.”

Our business is successful, sustainable, fun, and pays every employee a living wage.

We are a for-profit company with the heart of a nonprofit.

We have a passion for education and in promoting knowledge.

We believe in social capital and in building communities. Through our business, we build rich networks of colleagues.

We believe that human relationships are more important than sales and profits.

We absolutely believe in treating everyone equally and fairly, including our suppliers, employees, and customers, with no preferential treatment related to wages, sales volumes, annual budgets, etc.

We believe in quality products, training, and support.

We will sell only high-quality products that are fully vetted and perform as advertised.

We believe that a values-based, purpose-driven company can be successful, profitable, and become a model that encourages other people to create similar companies.