3D Printer Troubleshooting Issues



Our user manuals are filled with tips and tricks to run your 3D printers. You can find them here.

1. Prints are not sticking/can't see the complete first layers of filament

The most common issues with 3D printing have to do with the bed being level. We recommend checking the bed level before moving on to other steps. Level your NWA3D A5 using this video or your NWA3D A31 with this video.


2. Filament is not coming out of the 3D printer

Check out this video on how to remove, load, and clear filament clogs.


3. Cura has the wrong settings

Check out this video on how to setup Cura for the NWA3D A5 and this video to set it up for the NWA3D A31.




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