90 Day Limited Warranty


90 Day Limited Warranty


Who Is Eligible for This Warranty?

NWA 3D LLC customers who have purchased a product from NWA 3D LLC.  


How Long Does the Coverage Last?

This warranty lasts for 90 days after delivery of the product.


What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers any factory defects and transportation damages on any product purchased from NWA 3D LLC.

Warranty applies to original factory hardware and firmware.

This warranty is in addition to any manufacturer's warranty for products purchased from NWA 3D LLC.


What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

This warranty does not cover user error, user damage (intentional and accidental), normal wear and tear, failure to follow operation or maintenance instructions, cosmetic damage that does not affect operation, the customer’s negligent modification, disassembly, or attempted repairs, and warranty claim shipping costs. This warranty does not cover the 3D printer if the 3D printer was altered, modified, or serviced by unauthorized service people.

This warranty does not cover brands and models that were not purchased from NWA 3D LLC.

This warranty does not cover products with a voided manufacturer’s warranty.

NWA 3D LLC will not be liable for any other damages or loss, including incidental or consequential damages and loss of profits or revenues from whatever cause, including breach of warranty or negligence.


What Will NWA3D Do?

NWA3D will

  • Evaluate the claimed factory or transportation defect
  • At its sole discretion, determine whether the claimed defect is covered by warranty
  • If covered, repair the defect or replace the printer.


How Do You Get Service?

To request service, you must fill out a Troubleshooting Request on the NWA3D website:


The NWA3D Service Team will respond to your request. If the Service Team decides that repair or replacement are required, they will communicate further steps.

You are responsible for communicating any warranty claims that you believe are unresolved with the NWA3D Service Team.


Updated: 5/1/17