Grant Resources Outside of NWA3D

Grant Resources (last updated: Feb 2020)


Finding funding for classroom technology can be tricky. Some districts and states are fortunate enough to have foundations with grants available, but many are left searching in the Internet abyss for resources. We’ve compiled a list to assist in your search!

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Grant Databases:

Grant directory with hundreds of grants in its database

Grant directory with dozens of grants from across the country

Edutopia Grant List

Grants for Teachers List

Education Grant List

National STEM and Educational Grants:

Carl Perkins Grant—Perkins Funding allocates approximately $1.3 billion annually to support and maintain career and technical programs.

Awesome Foundation Grant Blended Learning Teacher Grant

National Education Association grants, with tips for grant writers

Captain Planet ecoTech STEM grants

Toyota USA grants

National Science Foundation Grants

Educators of America Technology Grant

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

IGT After School Advantage Program

Voya has a history of funding STEM education through its Unsung Heroes program

State Farm Good Neighbor Grants

CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Grant

Wells Fargo Grants

Lowes Gives Education Grants

Internet Frontier Teacher Grants


Grants (mostly) for specific states:

Arkansas (and globally) - Community Grant Program

Arkansas - Walton Family Foundation

Arkansas - Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Idaho - Idaho National Library Grants

Kansas - Kansas State Library Grant Database

Missouri - Pendergast-Weyer, contact Michael Wenninghoff at [email protected]

Michigan - MACUL Grant

Michigan - Meemic Foundation

Michigan - MSTA Clean Water Education Grant

Nebraska - Nebraska Foundation Resource Directory

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust

Oklahoma - K20 Center Technology Grants

Texas - The Meadows Foundation

Texas - Grant Database Search

Washington - Washington State ETEM Education Foundation