NWA3D Customer Testimonials

"I appreciate all the help NWA3D gives our school. I typically have a response to any problem within a few minutes, and I would recommend this company and printer to other schools looking for 3D printers."

Linda Taylor, Assistant Tech Coordinator, Bement Community Unit School District 5, Bement, Illinois

"This company is by far the best. I have no issues whatsoever. Thank you for always supporting our needs."

Deborah Rice, M.Ed., K-12 STEM Specialist, Judson ISD, Live Oak, Texas

"Thanks for helping my kids with the 3D printer. Those video conferences are awesome! I don't know of any other businesses that support their products like you all do. I just want you all to know how much my kids have benefited from the trainings, video conferences and the videos on YouTube as well."

Audwin Bradford, EAST Facilitator, Crossett High School, Crossett, Arkansas


"The 3D printers have been a huge success with our students at Farmington High. There is something being printed almost every hour. I have several students who have taken to teaching others how to use the printers, which I love. I'm also working with students and teachers to incorporate 3D printing into their classroom projects more, so thank you for the resources!


"Everything is in working order on the printers. I've had to fill out a couple of support requests, and your support staff has answered my questions quickly and completely.


"Thanks again for your help in getting this started at Farmington High!"

Kaylyn Busch, Library Media Specialist, Farmington High School, Farmington, Arkansas


"I placed six NWA3D printers in my classroom over a year ago. Simple to set up, easy to use, precise and powerful enough to get students excited about the possibilities they offer. … These printers, the A5 and A31, have proven themselves as workhorses in my classroom. Within two days of their arrival, my printers were churning out 3D prints eight hours a day for two weeks with no problems at all.


"The support that NWA3D has offered me has been incredible. Whether answering by email, phone, or even video chat, the crew at NWA3D is readily available to answer whatever question my students have, or to help troubleshoot a problem on the rare occasion that they arise. From my classroom experience, there is nothing that these printers cannot handle for student learning!"

Jon Bukont, Pre-Engineering and Project Lead the Way Instructor, Woodland Jr. High School, Fayetteville, Arkansas


"For an immediate impact in your class without breaking your budget, I recommend the A5 printer. It's economical, compact, lightweight, and easy to use."

Ronnie Atkinson, Pre-Engineering and Project Lead the Way Teacher, Maumelle Middle School, Maumelle, Arkansas


"After a broken part was replaced last year (damaged in shipping), all has been great. It [the NWA3D A5] is our go-to printer now. We have two Makerbot Minis and two Afinia 800s. The little NWA3D outperforms them all. We take it with us to teacher training across five counties in the state of Nevada."

Glenn Krieger, Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program (SNRPDP) Technology Facilitator, North Las Vegas, Nevada


"The NWA3D team is awesome to work with! They have provided hundreds of 3D printers to our EAST programs throughout the country. Perhaps more impressive though is their customer service. They work with our students through training sessions, via [videoconference], and heck, even in person to make sure that the printers are working and the kids (and teachers) know how to use them. This team is passionate about 3D printing and wants the technology to be used above all else. They have even helped our students repair 3D printers they didn't sell! I couldn't recommend this team more."

James Hopper, EAST Initiative Development Coordinator, Little Rock, Arkansas


“We have been so lucky to connect with NWA3D. After having been introduced to 3D printing a year ago, our students were so pumped about learning and exploring additive manufacturing. However, we were spending most of our time trying to get our original printer to work. Since connecting with NWA3D and purchasing two printers from them, students have flourished and learned more in three months then they had in one year. ... They seem to have thought about everything a school might need in order to make the best of this emerging technology field. Now we get to spend our class time engaged in creation and not clearing clogged nozzles!”

Brittany Berry, EAST Facilitator, Helen Tyson Middle School, Springdale, Arkansas