Cura 15 Setup

Cura 15.04.6 Slicer settings

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[Cura 15 is an older version of Cura. Newer versions of Cura are incompatible with some older computer operating systems, so those older computers must use Cura 15.]

Sometimes, models don’t print correctly because the settings in the G-Code are
wrong. Here are some steps to make sure your Cura settings are correct.

a. Check your slice file in Cura. Make sure the print is centered in the build area,
making good contact with the build surface, and isn’t too big for the build

b. Check the slice settings. Make sure that the layer height is between 0.1mm
(high-quality prints) and 0.3mm (low-quality prints).

c. Check the speed and temperature. For PLA, they should be set to 30–50mm/s
and 220–230°C.

d. Make sure the filament diameter is 1.75mm and the flow rate is 100%.

e. Make sure the Heated bed checkbox is unchecked in the Machine settings
window (the NWA3D A5 does not have a heated bed).

f. Check the Fill Density (infill) and make sure it is at least 5%. You may need to
adjust this value to your liking for your model.

g. Your part may need supports. If it’s rounded you may need to select
“Everywhere” for the support type. If it’s intricate, it may need to select “Raft”
for the Platform adhesion type. (A raft is a hatch pattern on the build plate
that the model will print on.) If the part warps when you begin to build it, you
may need to select “Brim” Adhesion support type and reslice the file. (A brim
will help the part stick so it doesn’t curl up at the edges.)

h. If your slice settings are really messed up, try re-loading the Printer
Profile.ini file from the microSD card. The profile will configure medium
quality settings that will automatically reset all the values to ones that will
work well. Click File > Open Profile to navigate to the printer profile “NWA3D
A5 Printer Profile.ini” that came on the microSD card in the Cura folder.