Coming Soon: Masters of the 3rd Dimension

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Coming Soon: Masters of the 3rd Dimension

Coming Soon: Masters of the 3rd Dimension

Masters of the 3rd Dimension is an exciting, self-guided training course that teaches school-age students digital design, digital manufacturing, and 3D printing skills. The new training course, currently in development here at NWA3D, employs the comic book/graphic novel format to engage students. We will launch a Kickstarter campaign this summer, with plans to raise the resources needed to complete the illustration and cover the publishing fees. We will release this unique, skills-based training course for schools, libraries, homeschoolers, and anyone else who wants to learn how to 3D print in the fall of 2019!

The Masters of the 3rd Dimension are an elite group that uses additive manufacturing technology to solve problems, improve their world, and help others. In the Mot3D course, the processes of digital design and manufacturing are simplified into three separate tasks, with teams for each: the CAD Team (for computer-aided design), the Slicer Team (for computer-aided manufacturing file preparation), and the Technician Team (for 3D printer equipment operation and maintenance).

Students will follow members of these teams as they are given intense training to learn every aspect of how additive manufacturing technology works and how it is applied to the world around them. Every training module will teach team members a specific skill, with questions and exercises to test student comprehension and proficiency. Once students complete the training and the missions for all three teams, they will be able to take a Master Test—and if they pass, they too become Masters of the 3rd Dimension.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the crowdfunding campaign launch and the release date of Masters of the 3rd Dimension! Feel free to comment here, or send us an email, if you’re interested in finding out more.


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